Chromebooks: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2017)

Shopping for a shiny new Chromebook this Black Friday? There’s some great deals to be hand on HP, ASUS, Acer & Samsung Chromebooks this year on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. We’ll be adding new deals to this page throughout the weekend of huge online sales.

Chromebooks are great. Not only are they ridiculously affordable, they’re also crazy reliable and have battery reserves that keep you going all day without needing to recharge. They do the simple tasks really well, so if you’re looking for a no frills machine that’s light and small enough to slip into your backpack then look no further than a Chromebook. Seeing as its Black Friday, we thought we’d create an up to date list of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on all different types of Chromebooks for 2017.

Acer Chromebooks

acer chromebook cyber monday

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable and well built Chromebook then look no further than an Acer this Black Friday.

HP Chromebooks

hp chromebook black friday deals

HP, also known as Hewlett Packard, offer a wide range of Chromebooks to suit every budget.

Dell Chromebooks

Dell Chromebook Black Friday Cyber Monday

Dell have built a reputation as the leading computer manufacturers. Running on Chrome OS, their range of Chromebooks are more on the premium end of the scale but are a great option for all budgets.

Samsung Chromebooks

samsung chromebook black friday

I love the Samsung Chromebook 2. It’s a well built, reliable machine that I can stick in my rucksack and use all day without needing to recharge.

ASUS Chromebooks

ASUS Chromebook Black Friday Cyber Monday

ASUS are a great Chromebook option for those on a tight budget.