Garmin Gear: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2017)

In the market for one of Garmin’s excellent interactive watches? Perhaps you want to find your way around your city center better? We are here to help you! Garmin have provided us with a real treat this Black Friday and Cyber Monday on such popular models as the Forerunner, Vivofit and Vivoactive. We’ve compiled the best new offers on these models and other Garmin gear to help you sniff out the best deal.

Garmin GPS Deals

Garmin Nuvi cyber monday

If you need a dependable GPS system with the popular foursquare app you need look no further than Garmin’s Nuvi Models.

Garmin Fenix Deals

Garmin fenix black friday

Garmin’s Fenix range offers users excellent orienteering features for a whole host of outdoor activities whilst providing performance trackers.

Garmin Forerunner Deals

garmin forerunner cyber monday

The forerunner range is perfect for runners and has a surprising number of cool features. Not only does the forerunner track your heart rate, but can even predict future race times and advise you on when you are ready for your next heavy session.

Garmin Vivofit & Vivoactive Smart Deals

garmin vivoactive cyber monday

The Vivo range of smart watches have been a major success for Garmin and it is easy to understand why. These watches combine sleak design, interactive fitness trackers such as an activity monitor (The Move Bar) which encourages the user to get up and moving and long battery life. The brand new Vivoactive 3 has even incorporated Garmin Pay’s contactless payment system allowing quicker transactions and less hassle at stores.