Google Pixel 2: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2017)

Are you looking to find the best Black Friday deals on Google’s Pixel smartphones? We are listing all the best deals on Google Pixel, XL and Pixel 2 models this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Google Pixel 2 Black Friday Deals

google pixel photo Cyber Monday

Here at Black Friday Smart we are super excited about the release of Google’s new smartphone the Pixel 2. As of yet Google have kept leaks at bay regarding the new Pixel model, however, there are rumours flying around about several new upgraded features. Some are suggesting the new phone will be using an upgraded version of the Snapdragon Chip technology meaning we can expect more reliable performance when watching videos, playing games and using new VR applications. Smaller scale upgrades including a waterproof design are also expected to form part of the Pixel 2 offering. Stay tuned as we will be keeping a close eye on Black Friday deals when this highly anticipated model arrives.

Google Pixel & XL Cyber Monday Deals

black google pixel xl black friday

Last year we saw some great last minute Black Friday deals on the first generation Pixel phones. We are hoping with the arrival of the new Pixel 2 model that Google will reward us with some even better discounts this year!

Unlocked Google Pixel Black Friday Deals

unlocked google pixel cyber monday

Get ready for some big discounts on the unlocked Google Pixel models.