LG V30: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2017)

Brand new for 2017, the V30 is the flagship Android smartphone from consumer electronics company LG. Here we’ve taken a look at the V30 and what Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are available to shoppers online.

LG V30 Handset Deals

LG V30 Black Friday Cyber Monday

This is way better than any other LG has ever made and it is so very 2017.

It’s basically the opposite of the Essential phone. One is a minimal, bare bones stock phone from a small company. While the LG V30 is a big, feature packed, really richly enhanced Android flagship from a well established company that has done this before.

The attention to detail on this phone is remarkable. This phone checks pretty much all of the boxes imaginable – it has expandable storage by micro SD for those who like it. It has wireless charging. It has fast charging. It has USB Type C, of course. It has IP certified waterproofing. And it has a headphone jack with a 32 bit Quad DAC that audio enthusiasts will really like.

The removable battery is gone but the 3300 mAh battery is impressive, with fast charging and wireless charging backing that up. The V30 gets the fingerprint reader right by putting it in the middle at the back – where it is actually reachable – and it also doubles as a power button which is kind of LGs thing.

It checks all the boxes in a way that no other smartphone in 2017 has done, except for the expensive Galaxy Note 8. It has an LG skin on top of Android 7.1.2 and right off the bat it doesn’t feel too cartoonish or weird. There is a bit of bloatware but most of it you can hide or delete.

The screen is fluid and animations are snappy. There’s so many features and settings to mess with on the V30 too.